Thursday, July 20, 2017

Free Westinghouse!

So whats in the box?

Look very early Free Westinghouse sewing machine provided by a neighbor to the collection

Very complete s/n and all


Original manual
nice attachment box very full

See Westinghoues motor on Free Sewing Maching Co machine

Sprinter in "Hospital" waiting "room"

Very sad,  waiting it's turn, so it will be back on the road again

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

All packed an Leaving town ?

Happy morning out of storage and ready for the road trip

This is Niki at the long road side resting spot, good trooper

First round of help Rodney after good cell and internet service, so we could trouble shoot the error code as we had our OBD1 reader, we were good and prepared

Most of the 'web said the fuel filter and clear the code

The fuel filter was not the problem so after weighting the options we got towed back

Sad ride home

JJ needed fuel in his truck

Our 9ft 4in plus tow truck bed height of 4ft just under road legal

Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Camaro goes to a car show

Nice Sunday morning gathering

Original 1945 Ford jeep one repaint US own until 1980s

Well deserves a look over 

Flip up head lights

Sprinter 2017 ready for the road look around

The dingle coins are we hit our head too many times on this new shelf

controls and switches

more switches

under bed 'planned' storage

Front under bed storage see cover below

Travel view matching cover

Entry door refrigerator, switches, sink, cook top

Major storage and guard dog

Work shelf retro microwave covered

interesting inside cover

layered rear window treatment

finished rear bed and quilt


looking forward

rear curtain break down 

Lots of controls just from bed

Ready to roll!!!! yea!